Chocolate Gujiya

Ingredients for Chocolaty Gujiya
For the dough:

For the filling:

For topping:

How to cook Chocolaty Gujiya
Take in a bowl add ghee, salt and mix them to make dough, add some water slowly to make it a stiff dough and put it at side for half an hour.
In an pan, cook khoya till its look brown and add some sugar and go on to cook then add a pinch of cardamom powder.
When the mixture cools down, add chocolate chips and mix this mixture well. Now take a little amount of dough and roll it well with both hand. dived into smaller pieces with the help of moulder, remove extra part of dough and with the help of spoon fill the mixture in it.
Stick some water on the edges and packed it. Then fold up the edges with the help of fork and fingers and deep fry till it’s looking golden brown. In the meantime, take a bowl full of freshly chocolate and add some cream too and cook it in microwave for 2 minutes at minimum temperature then continue steering after 30 seconds. Once gujiya is cooked, dip it well in chocolate syrup.
Put them all in a plate and pour some chocolate syrup on top of gujiya then decorate it with some pinch of cardamom and dish up….yummy!